Transition Days at Jesmond Park Academy

Well-Being Centre

The Well-Being Centre is dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of all our students, along with their families and the Community as a whole.

The Well-Being Centre

When young people are happy their educational chances are much enhanced and ultimately they find it easier to learn.
The Well-Being centre works closely with the Year Teams in order to provide students with the emotional support needed in order to fulfill their academic and personal well-being.



Health Well-being advisor

The Well-being Centre has a registered nurse who provides confidential advice and is available to discuss any concerns students have regarding all aspects of their health.

First Aid

Students can access the centre if they are feeling unwell or require first aid. Students must have written permission from their teacher if they need to access the centre during lesson time.


Well-being Centre Students can access qualified counsellors in the Well-being centre. Counselling gives students the opportunity to explore their problems and address any issues that may be affecting them.

With the aim of equipping those students with the tools needed to build resilience and self esteem whilst enabling them to make informed decisions now in order for them to prevent problems as they grow into young adults.

A counsellor does not give advice but tries to help the young person to find a way of coping with their issues. Some issues that could be addressed through counselling are as follows:

  • Exam performance anxiety

  • Bullying

  • Loneliness

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Grief/loss

  • Self harming behaviour

  • Issues around eating

  • Concerns regarding addictions

  • Depression

  • Lack of confidence

Students can access the Well-being Centre during lunch or break to see if counselling could be an option for them. Alternatively they can speak to their Year Team.

For further information contact:

Mrs Rachael Earle,
Well-being Centre Manager
T: 0191-2818486