Governance at Jesmond Park Academy

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

For example: Social difficulties, Mental Health conditions, Emotional difficulties.

We value all pupils.

  • We have a Well-Being Centre which provides a wide range of support for students with social, emotional and mental health.

  • We use small group, targeted programmes to improve social skills and improve emotional resilience.

  • Access to alternative curriculum options, where appropriate, provides a different approach to the curriculum to support pupils with social and emotional needs.

  • Our SEAL groups provide structured and time limited interventions for vulnerable students.

  • We provide information and support to pupils, staff and parents regarding emotional and social needs

  • We use risk assessments and take action to ensure the safety and inclusion of all pupils in all activities.

  • We seek support and guidance from outside agencies such as the School Health Advisor and Children and Young People’s Services (CYPs)