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Head of Faculty - Claire Money

The Faculty of Science

A large, successful, core faculty within the school. Science is an all encompassing subject spanning not only breadth of knowledge and understanding but providing significant opportunities for our young people to develop numerous skills throughout their time with us.

We want students to be excited and engaged by the wonder of science.  Every lesson is carefully planned to sequencially extend learning, consolidating as we go to ensure the key foundations are strong. 

Learning flows and grows from entry in year 7 with a tailored curriculum right through to the end of year 11 for all students and beyond for the large numbers choosing to remain with us through their A levels too.

We seek to share the enthusiasm we have for our subject and its importance in the world around us, encouraging learners to have a can do approach, fostering learners who are inquisitive, ready to learn and above all, have enjoyment for it too.

Science is fundamental to our lives and the world around us. There is a need for us to understand and develop our interaction with this world and science is one of the key components to our success.

With science the learning never stops! There is always more to learn and more to discover.  With this in mind we have sequenced our curriculum over the full  7 years students are with us. Layering the learning and conceptual understanding as we go.  Consolidating the basics and increasing the demand at every opportunity.  Learning like this means we are able to interleve between past learning, new ideas and the world around us.

The sciences and their study have long been seen as vital core subjects.  They are facilitators, enabling many progression routes and opportunities, linking to so many aspects of our existence.  We offer the platform for all students to engage, learn, and develop, supporting them in striving for a bright future, full of opportunity.

What the faculty has to offer:

We are a large and diverse team of strong classroom practitioners.  All staff are from a strong science based background with relevant study at degree level and beyond.

We are privileged to be able to have strong teams representing all three science disciplines, with a dedicated team of biologists, chemists and physicists, which is becoming increasingly rare.  Students therefore receive specialist teaching for all of their exams.

The faculty is led by Claire Money and a small successful and proactive leadership team, with the support of the wider faculty.

There is a strong team spirit within the faculty.  Staff are not only supportive of each other but this translates to the endless continued support and guidance offered to students.

The faculty has 3 dedicated support staff providing both technical support and provision enabling practical learning and also in class specific tailored support.

We are lucky enough to have 14 science labs all purpose built in 2004. They are bright, airy and well resourced.

We are split over two floors, each with 7 labs and central to each floor is a “central” area which provides opportunities for out of classroom experiences, enrichment and teaching.


Science at Jesmond Park Academy

The Science Curriculum Offer

Curriculum philosophy and intent

Science, and its study, is the fabric of what makes us human. It’s empowering and enriching; It allows us to observe the furthest reaches of space; enables us a medium for this very document and gives us the ability to hypothesise the origin of our existence.


Science is the being and workings of everything everywhere.


A team of interlinked subjects which collaboratively provide the knowledge and understanding to explain the past, allow the present, and predict/develop the future.