Sixth Form Expectations

As valued members of our Sixth Form, we expect excellent standards of behaviour from students at all times. In deciding to attend our Sixth Form, students have also opted to be a role model for our younger students. Their behaviour and attitude in the corridors and in lessons should be exemplary as should their conduct outside of school in the local community.


To ensure students get the most from their studies in Sixth Form, they need to ensure that they attend all lessons, including morning registration and compulsory library sessions, and that they are on time, prepared and ready to learn. Attendance and punctuality are checked every day. Failure to attend lessons not only puts students at risk of underachieving, but will also impact any future references they may require from the school, including UCAS applications.


Should a student’s conduct fall below the standards we expect, there will be sanctions imposed. These sanctions range from detentions, reports, contact home, contracts and removal from Sixth Form. We reserve the right to use these sanctions should there be issues with behaviour, attendance, attitude to learning and punctuality. Please remember that attendance to our Sixth Form is not a legal requirement – we can and will withdraw a student’s place in Sixth Form should their behaviour, attendance, work ethic and punctuality become a cause for concern.


We expect:

Excellent attendance – this includes attendance to library lessons, assembly and registration.

Excellent punctuality – students should be on time and be ready to learn.

Be prepared for lessons -all notes, homework and assessments are to be completed to deadline. Should students require support with any work, they should aim to speak to their teacher ahead of the deadline.

Excellent behaviour – this includes in lessons, around the school, in the local community and in the sixth form area.