Online Safety

Online Safety

In response to the Parent Online Safety Survey the following information has been signposted to help Parents with Online Safety.

What are the Risks and Dangers of being Online?
A General overview of Online Safety and a list of some of the main Risks and Dangers

Discussing the Safe use of the internet:
The NSPCC have produced the following guide which can be found here - How to start the conversation with your child about staying safe online, and what to do if you're worried about online safety.

Parental Controls:
Do you know how to set up Parental Controls set up by your internet provider? The 4 big internet providers in the UK – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media - provide their customers with free parental controls which can be activated at any time. The UK Safer Internet Centre shows how you can help prevent age inappropriate content being accessed online on computers in your home, which can be gound here.

The NSPCC have also produced an excellent guide.

Social Networks/Media
Net Aware have produced the following guide to the latest Social Networks available on the Internet.

For each Social Network there is information regarding Reporting Online Safety Incidents and how to set Privacy settings. This site also shows you how to set safety features on some of the most popular social networking sites - including Youtube, Facebook, Flikr and Moshi Monsters.

Please follow this link to a practical guide for Parents and Carers whose children are using Social Media.

Playing Games Online and the PEGI Rating Systemhow to avoid risks and stay safe tips on choosing games, devices and setting up controls from Ukie’s Andy Robertson.


More Useful Websites

How to protect your child on their Smartphone.

Childnet International - "a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children."

Growing up online. This site aims to make online parenting simple.

Get Safe Online - Free expert advice from - which is a public / private sector partnership supported by HM Government and leading organisations in banking, retail, internet security and other sectors.

Digital resilience: a parent's guide
Parent Info is packed with expert articles to help answer some of the questions that may be raised. Take a look at one of the most popular articles on Parent Info at the moment: Digital resilience: a parent's guide.

NSPCC - Share Aware Campaign

The new NSPCC campaign was developed due to their own research finding that parents' quite often feel confused by the internet - out of their depth, and out of control.

Share Aware has been produced for parents of children aged 8-12 and is designed to help to reassure and give parents everything they need to keep their children safe. The design is straightforward: No-nonsense advice that will help to untangle the web, showing parents how they can be just as great a parent online as they are the rest of the time. 

Facebook Guide
This Guide has been written by Anne Collier and Larry Magid, Co-Directors of With it, you will be better informed and able to communicate with the young Facebook users in your life. That's important because 1) if something goes wrong, we want our children to come to us and 2) as the Internet becomes increasingly social and mobile, a parent’s guidance and support is ever more key to young people’s well-being in social media and technology.