Governance at Jesmond Park Academy


Governance at Jesmond Park Academy

Jesmond Park Academy is governed by the Trustees for the Gosforth Group 

Academy Advisory Group Members.

  • Roger Edwardson (Chair, Safeguarding Link and SEND Link)
  • Sophie Ashcroft (Vice-Chair)
  • Hayley Hooker (Staff)
  • Julie Routledge (Staff)
  • Sara Bryson (Parent)
  • Stacy Gillis (Parent)
  • Carolyn Houghton (Community)
  • Michael Lawler (Community)
  • Derek Neil (Community - Careers/IAG Link)
  • Hugh Robinson Ex-officio
  • Steve Campbell Ex-officio


  • NCC Governor Services

Any correspondence for the Advisory Group please address care of Jesmond Park Academy.