Term dates at Jesmond Park Academy

Period Seven

"Period Seven" is our after school and lunchtime activity programme

At Jesmond Park Academy we encourage all of our students to participate in our enrichment programme called '7'.  Enrichment is a key area of our curriculum philosophy, helping students to leave school as well rounded and thoughtful young adults.  

We have a wide range of after lesson activities on offer including science, art, music, media, sport, personal adventure and challenge, literature, performing arts, computing and mathematics. 

Each academic year, a '7' booklet is produced showing when and where these opportunities are taking place.  To attend a club, students should either see the teacher involved or just turn up to the published venue.

Please be aware that in the build up to periods of assessment and examination, in KS4 attendance to period seven is compulsory. We will inform parents and students in good time of these sessions.

After an extended period of time of P7 being suspended, we are now able to offer some limited afterschool activities. Teachers will advertise these directly to the students, we are currently still unable to offer lunch time activities. We are starting with Basketball, Tennis and after half term a wider variety of sporting opportunities will be available. It is unlikely that a full programme will be published this academic year. We will look to expand the offer as restrictions allow.