Term dates at Jesmond Park Academy

Sensory and Physical Needs

For example: Hearing Impairments, Visual Impairments, Multi-Sensory Impairments, Physical Disabilities, Complex and prolonged medical needs.

Including an Additionally Resourced Provision for Severe / Profound Hearing Impairment

  • We have an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) for students who are deaf and need extra support.
  • Mainstream staff are trained to support students with hearing needs, including the use of audiological equipment and assistive devices.  
  • We work closely with Newcastle Sensory Service to ensure individual students' needs are met.
  • We provide support and aid/s to ensure access to the curriculum and develop independent learning.
  • We seek and act on advice and guidance for pupils who have significant medical needs.
  • We provide access to medical interventions. We seek advice and guidance from the Health Service to ensure barriers to success are reduced or removed.
  • We provide support with personal and intimate care, if and when needed.
  • All entrances allow wheel chair access.
  • Our building has disabled toilets on all floors.
  • We have a lift to allow ease of movement between all floors.
  • Our staff receive training to ensure that they understand the impact of a physical / Sensory Need on learning.
  • We have a Well-Being manager who will liaise with parents to create individual care plans when necessary.
  • Our staff understand and apply the medicine administration policy.