General Information for Students and Code of conduct

General Information for Students

  • ID cards must be worn with a lanyard. The ID card must be always visible.
  • Morning registration is at 8.30am. This is compulsory.
  • We expect full attendance to lessons.
  • Students will have 5 timetabled library sessions.
  • Students do not have ‘free time’. When not in lessons students are expected to be studying or volunteering.
  • The Sixth Form area will be supervised throughout the day.
  • Assembly will take place fortnightly on a Tuesday P5. Attendance is compulsory
  • Parents must report any absences by ringing 0191 2818486, option 5.




Code of Conduct

  • Students should walk on the left in school.
  • No hats/hoods up are allowed in school.
  • Mobile phones and headphones are not allowed in school aside from the designated Sixth Form area. They should not be used in lessons without the permission of the teacher.
  • All students are expected to dress appropriately for the learning environment.
  • Outside employment or interests should not be allowed to have a negative effect on a student’s academic performance. Our advice is that any more than 8 hours of employment per week will begin to impact on their studies.
  • Eating, chewing or drinking anything but water is not permitted in lessons or in the library.
  • Smoking or vaping anywhere within the school grounds or in the immediate proximity of the school is strictly forbidden.
  • As role models for younger students, conduct consistent with students’ level of maturity is expected at all times. Students should display a sensible attitude whilst moving through school. Students should not disrupt lessons by talking loudly, laughing or congregating in the main corridor or outside lessons.