Health and Social Care at Jesmond Park Academy


Head of Faculty - Graeme Hall

Lower School

All students study either French, Spanish or Mandarin in Year 7. Most students will also have the opportunity to study a second language in Year 9.

Many students therefore study two languages, giving them the opportunity to understand both the language and culture of other countries at a time when people are increasingly likely to be exposed to foreign cultures and people, whether in business, social or academic context. All programmes of study in Lower School prepare pupils for GCSE courses in Year 10 and 11.


Upper School

GCSE options are offered in all three languages. Pupils must, however, have studied the language in Lower School in order to opt into a GCSE course.

Most students, therefore, have the opportunity to study a language to GCSE. Pupils can, of course, choose to study their first or second foreign language or both. Many of our bilingual students are also entered for a GCSE in their home language. Any MFL GCSE is a highly valued qualification for both employers and universities.


Sixth Form

We offer A Levels in French, Spanish and Manadarin. Though demanding, students enjoy being able to extend their language skills in a coherent and stimulating course of study, within contexts which address the interests of the students.

Students may study one or two languages at A Level and require a GCSE grade 6 or above in the appropriate language to begin the course of study.

We are also able to offer A Levels for some Home Languages.