School of Sanctuary

Jesmond Park strives to become a School of Sanctuary

Newcastle is a City of Sanctuary that welcomes and cares for families that seek safety and refuge from all over the world; while Jesmond Park Academy is a diverse and open hearted school that already holds a multicultural community of students and their families. In fact, this thriving student community includes speakers of 57 different languages and dialects including those who have come to our incredible city for safety.  We believe it makes sense for Jesmond Park Academy to strive to become an official School of Sanctuary, so this year we will be putting all our efforts into ensuring that students who have faced displacement are welcomed, celebrated and given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Becoming a School of Sanctuary is a wonderful chance for all the children in our care to grow, learn and feel supported on their educational journey.

You can check out the School of Sanctuary project here if you wish to find out more. 

In addition to this, we are hoping to build a segment of our library that offers books written in other languages. This could be a tremendous resource to maintain first languages for our bilingual students, an incredible skill that can open many doors in the future; as well as the opportunity to provide a supply of reading books that could encourage second language development and a curiosity for other cultures. Any donations of books would be greatly appreciated.