Enrichment, Careers and Work Experience

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities are an important feature of Sixth Form student life. It is really important that students take on new challenges and experiences, that they embrace the many opportunities that come their way, and develop a range of skills. This will make a huge difference as they move on to apply to university or employment. More importantly it will help them become more rounded young people ready for adult life.

We expect all Year 12 students to volunteer some of their time via our ‘Passport to Enrichment’ scheme.


Careers and Work Experience

Throughout the school year, students will be given advice about careers. This will include university presentations and tutorials. There are regular presentations from Universities and employers. There are also regular updates in registration. Students are given the opportunity to apply for a range of workshops and schemes which support careers knowledge and experience.

Towards the end of Year 12 all students will be involved in somce careers activities and Work experience.