How to be a Successful Sixth Former

  • Take responsibility
  • Expect to do more yourself
  • Take opportunities
  • Listen carefully to advice given and act on it
  • Be prepared to embrace different ideas – go outside of your comfort zone
  • Put in the hours
  • Don’t give up when things get tough

Timetable and Library Lessons

Our expectation is that all Sixth Form students are in school all day, working hard. However, please note that students are allowed to leave the school site during the day, for example to get lunch or snacks from a shop.


Registration starts at 8.30am and is compulsory. The school day ends for Sixth Form at 2.50pm.


Students will have at least 12 subject lessons on their timetable, with the majority of students having 15 or more. All students will have 5 library lessons on their timetable. They need to sign in for their library session and then work in silence. Students must take responsibility and sign in for their library lessons.  Library lessons are compulsory.


Please note that we will report your child’s attendance at least once a term. We will report attendance to registration, subject lessons, library lessons and assembly.

You will also receive a Grade Card with information about your child’s progress in subjects. You will receive a Grade Card once a term.