Teenage Mental Health

Mental health provision at Jesmond Park Academy


Universal Offer

  • Whole school policies and procedures to ensure a calm environment al supports mental health but also educates students about mental health.
  • A highly trained staff body that have the skills to prevent the decline of a student’s mental health or if required, to support a student’s mental health.

The universal offer is delivered through:

MH - Table 1

Tier 1 Offer – small group work

Reducing the number of existing low level poor mental health in students.

The tier 1 offer is delivered through:

Table 2 - MH

Tier 2 Offer – 1:1 work

A more personalised and intensive support for a student’s mental health need.

The tier 2 offer is delivered through:

Table 3 - MH

Tier 3 Offer – for significant mental health needs

Supporting students and referring them to medical professionals.

The tier 3 offer is delivered through:

Table 4 - MH

Further information for parents/carers and students


What is single point of access (SPA) offer?

  • Getting help is the overarching service that oversees the single point of access and provides short term interventions for things like anxiety, low mood and emotional or behavioural regulation.
  • Support for the getting help service will come in the form of help from one of the providers commissioned by CYPS that sit in the service, including:
  • Kalmer Counselling
  • Barnardo’s independence Project
  • Streetwise
  • North East Counselling
  • Barnardo’s Orchard Mosaic
  • Kooth
  • Children North East

Or you could be signposted to another support service sitting outside of Getting Help, for example RISE.

What does the Single Point of Access (SPA) do?

  • It is the referral point for young people (0-18) in Newcastle requiring support as described above in getting help, they will decide whether or not your child needs getting more help (tier 3/4) which includes assessments in:
  • Neurodevelopment: ADHD and Autism
  • Learning Disability: with mental health need
  • Community eating disorder
  • Mental health: Assessments and interventions

For more information see


SPA SERVICES – Further information


Barnardo’s Independence Project

  • Provide up to 6 months of support to 12-18 year olds living in Newcastle, who are stepping down from tier 3 mental health services. Offering a young person support with transition out of these services, as well as aiming to prevent them returning back to them.
  • The support concentrates on emotional wellbeing through a social prescribing model.



  • Offer online counselling services for young people aged 11-18 years, providing an early response to identification of mental health problems.
  • The support online, anonymous and self-referral based so there are no waiting lists or thresholds to meet. The offer is centered on therapeutic choice, offering a full mental health toolkit, giving users the opportunity to choose what kind of support works for them. This includes self-help resources, community support and professional support.


Kalmer Counselling

  • Kalmer are commissioned by CYPS to work with children and young people aged 9-25 with a learning disability/difficulty. They are also commissioned to work with those that are awaiting for a neurodevelopmental assessment.


North East Counselling

  • Deliver 1.1 counselling for young people aged 4 +, using a variety of therapeutic techniques.


Barnardo’s Orchard Mosaic

  • Provides a counselling service for children and young people aged 5-18 who have experienced bereavement or sexual harm.

They use a variety of techniques including talking therapy, art/play therapy and cogitative behaviour therapy (CBT) along with specialist support for those diagnosed with PTSD.

Children North East

  • Provides a 1.1 counselling service for children and young people aged 9 – 25 who are struggling with their mental health.



  • Provides early help and support to young people who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties, including anxiety, low mood, anger, stress, bereavement and low self-esteem.


Mental health support line for parents and carers

  • North east counselling service runs a free phone line for parents whose children are struggling with their mental health.
  • The line is operated by a call back system, you can ring the number below and request a call back and one of the team will be in touch. They will be able to offer support, advice and signposting.

You can access this line by calling 0333 358 3040


Flowchart - MH


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Kooth Newsletter

Welcome to Kooth's May newsletter!

It's Mental Health Awareness Week from 13th-17th May, which is an important week to shine a light on mental health and break down stigma. 

With 37.4% of Kooth users reporting stress & anxiety, 24.7% reporting suidice ideation and 17.6% reporting self-harm in your region. It's so important that we work together to raise awareness of the mental health support available to young people. 

With many young people preparing for their upcoming exams this term, please let them know that Kooth is here to help with any stress or anxiety they may be feeling. We also have a support guide available for you to share with young people on coping with exam stress, an exam stress recorded webinar, an article on Kooth such as "The Ultimate Exam Stress Toolkit" that can help. 

For more information about free resources or our local network briefing, please complete this form

Next week we are running KoothTalks training webinars on why support for diverse & seldom-heard young people is more important than ever.

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