Uniform at Jesmond Park Academy

School Uniform

You can find details of our school uniform requirements for Jesmond park Academy on this page.

School uniform requirements from September 2022

Our school uniform supplier is Emblematic. You can visit their website at Their nearest store is in Benton at the following address.

Unit 26, 
North Tyne Industrial Estate, 
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE12 9SZ.

Opening times - please visit the emblematic website for current opening times.

There is more detailed information on the purchase of uniform from our supplier, Emblematic, which can be downloaded below.

There is also a link to our uniform brochure below which includes information about our approved styles of school shoe. Please note that logos on shoes are not permitted. There is a further link below to our more detailed school shoe brochure, produced using brands and styles available from the Wynsors store. You are welcome to buy school shoes from any retailer, providing that the shoes purchased match the requirements in our uniform brochure and the examples of our approved styles in our school shoe brochure.

Pre-owned Uniform

We are looking to expand the options for parents to obtain pre-owned uniform and we have been working with our uniform supplier to support building the availability and provision of pre-owned school uniform for our students. There is a dedicated drop off point at the Emblematic shop for pre-owned uniform and any parent can contact the to get free uniform delivered to their home (subject to availability). We encourage the donation of pre-owned uniform in good re-usable condition, wherever possible via the drop off point at the Emblematic shop. Please note that this is the only drop off point and uniform cannot be dropped off to the school. In addition, Emblematic have teamed up with who also provide an outlet for parents to sell or provide free pre-owned school uniform, subject to availability.

Uniform at Jesmond Park Academy