Jesmond Park Academy Careers


Head of Faculty - Carol Stephen
Head of Food - Debbie Robinson
Head of Health, Social Care and Child Care - Cath Heslop
Head of Art - Carol Stephen
Head of Design Technology - Hayley McArthur

Lower School

Key Stage 3

In KS3 all students follow a course in Art, Design and Technology. They will have one Art lesson per week and the equivalent of one Food lesson and One Design Technology lesson every week. In each subject area students develop a variety of skills including designing, problem solving, creativity, making, planning and evaluating. In each subject area they have the opportunity to experience using a range of tools and equipment, techniques and processes. 


Upper School

Key Stage 4

At KS4 the faculty offers a comprehensive range of courses including:

  • GCSE Fine Art 

  • GCSE 3D Art 

  • GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

  • GCSE Design Technology 

  • BTEC Hospitality

  • BTEC Tech award in Health and Social Care

All our GCSE courses provide students with a wide range of experiences and skills. 

All our courses ensure students can access further education and opportunities in a wide range of careers. GCSE design and technology provides some opportunity of industrial and commercial real-life experience.

Sixth Form

A level studies are offered in:

  • Art and Design

BTEC studies are offered in:

  • BTEC Nationals in Health and Social Care

All our A level and BTEC courses provide a sound base for students who wish to go on to foundation/degree courses and a wide range of careers. 

BTEC Health and social care has a core vocational element which provide the students with and understanding of real-life experiences. 

GCSE and A level courses have an industrial/commercial/vocational element providing a sound base for students who wish to go on to foundation/degree courses. 

The Faculty is particularly proud of the wide variety of opportunities we present to our students through a varied range of courses, suited to different interests and learning types. We are also proud of the wide range of skill and expertise of the Faculty staff and the support that they offer the students in their learning.The Faculty offers a wide range of Period 7 activities including homework and coursework drop in clinics.