Jesmond Park Academy Ofsted Announcement

Date Published:
Wednesday 13 July 2022
Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware that our school was inspected by Ofsted at the start of June. 

We are delighted to announce the result of this inspection sees our school rating improve from Inadequate (rated in 2016, then known as Heaton Manor) to Good. It is extremely rare for a school to improve by 2 categories under the new Ofsted Framework. To do this in such a short period of time means we are especially proud of the outcome. 

The Ofsted report can be viewed here: OFSTED Report (

Since joining the Gosforth Group in 2019 we have been on an upward journey and I am proud of the achievements we have made to date.   As a body of staff, we are never complacent and we realise that there are still improvements to make on our journey to become Outstanding.  However, it is clear that we are heading in the right direction with this Ofsted rating improvement.

On the day, our pupils did a superb job of being our school ambassadors, answering Ofsted inspector questions with confidence and we’d like to say thank you to them.  The report comments that inspectors found our students to be polite and respectful.  It is pleasing to read both our student feedback and Ofsted’s observations within the report:

  • Pupils benefit from a well-planned curriculum.
  • Teachers help pupils to build knowledge and skills across many subjects.
  • Leaders have worked hard with teachers to improve the quality of education.
  • Behaviour strategies have had a transformative effect on learning. Behaviour in lessons is positive.
  • Adults build positive relationships with students.
  • Pupils are encouraged to respect one another in this highly diverse school community.
  • Students in the sixth form value the curriculum.  They enjoy their studies and are prepared well for their next steps.

The report provides valuable feedback and highlights the steps needed to take our school forward which we had already identified within our school development plan.   Inspectors stated in their feedback that leaders had a good understanding of where the school needed to go to continue the improvements.  Our priority remains to deliver the very best we can for the students at Jesmond Park Academy.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my thanks to the whole school community, including students, staff and our parents/carers.  This has been a huge effort from everyone and we appreciate your continued support.

Yours faithfully