Free School Meal Vouchers for Easter 2023

Date Published:
Monday 27 March 2023

Vouchers for the Easter holiday will be issued via EVouchers from 30th of March 2023. The rate for eligible families is £15 per week, per child that they have at Jesmond Park Academy.  Therefore you will receive a voucher for £30 for each child.


If this is your first time receiving these vouchers, please find further details here: 

How to claim your voucher (via a link) – Evouchers

Free School Meal voucher FAQ's – Evouchers


Please note:  The Local Authority calculates what it can afford with the money it receives from central government. There is a commitment by the Local Authority to provide as much support as they can to families. As a result there was a drive by them to provide an additional amount over the worst of the winter weather, when families were feeling the most pressure with utility bills. As we move into spring, the amount of support has now returned to the default rate of £15.