Year 11 Photographs

Date Published:
Tuesday 28 February 2023

Year 11 student Parents/Carers can now scan the QR code on the ticket your child received when they had their photo taken - alternativley please go to and enter your photo ID & password.

When visiting the ‘’ website, if you do not have an account with them and haven’t ordered before, you can either scan the barcode or input the photo ID and password and this will create/set up an account for you.

If you already have an online account and have ordered before, you will need to select the ‘log in’ box on screen and log in with your email address and chosen password. Once you have logged in, you will then be able to either scan the barcode or input the ID and password to add the photograph to your account.

Once you have added the photograph to your account, it will stay in your online account for up to 5 years meaning you will no longer need the individual photogragh details.

The Year 11 group photograph is now available to order.

Jesmond Park Academy Year 11 22-23