New Key Stage Three Assessment Strategy

Date Published:
Saturday 21 January 2023

Please see links below, which will take you to information regarding our new method of Assessment and Reporting at Key Stage Three (Years 7 - 9). Our new Assessment Strategy in Key Stage Three/KS3 reinforces the importance of Knowledge and Skills acquisition through identifying and reporting Curriculum Related Expectations, we have removed number (Grade) related references. 

Claire Money (Head of Science) has produced an overview summary of our new KS3 Assessment Strategy. This explains the overarching guiding principles that we have followed, the Key Terminology used and how we will Assess, Track and Report the Progress of our students throughout KS3. It is important to watch or view this presentation first. The further links below this will take you to subject specific Knowledge and Skills that are outlined generically in the overarching presentation. The Science presentation will inform you of the increasingly Challenging Knowledge and Skills required within the Science Curriculum progressing from Years 7 - 9 for example. The History Presentation will inform you in particular of the increasingly Challenging Skills alongside Knowledge required within the History Curriculum progressing from Years 7 - 9 as another example.

When we next send out a grade card at KS3 it will use the new Curriculum Related Expectations (CRE) terminology. Within the grade card we will include another link to the generic and subject specific information regarding this. The reporting of Underpinning Performance Data (Effort, Homework and Behaviour) has not changed. Reporting CRE replaces KS3 grading information contained within the main Curriculum area of our website.

Claire Smith

Deputy Principal

Director of Curriculum and Performance