Karate Competition

Date Published:
Thursday 14 July 2022

On Sunday 3rd July, I went to a Karate Competition in Worksop.  It was my second competition and it was much busier than my first.  I arrived at 10.30 but my category wasn’t until 4.30.  My category was moved to a different area last minute, so I was just casually sitting with my friends when my dad came over to tell me my category had started.  I thought he was joking, so I laughed until I realised I had about a minute and a half to put on all my kit.  No time for warm ups.  No time for stretches.  Running onto the mat still putting my mouth guard in, there was no time to be nervous.  I won by 10 points (if you are more than 9 points ahead they stop the fight early) in the first 30 seconds.  My other two fights I won by 10 points again, then only one.  I won gold and was asleep by 9 o’clock!


Fleur Year 9 - Karate Competition