Year 11 Summer Exams 2022 – May Half Term update

Date Published:
Friday 27 May 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,


As we write this letter, our Year 11 students are approaching a half-way point in their GCSE examinations prior to the half-term break.  We have been incredibly proud of all of our Year 11 students over the last few weeks.  They have been an absolute credit to both you as parent/carers and us here at Jesmond Park Academy.  They really have risen to the challenge with hard work and determination to do the very best that they can in their examinations.  We have witnessed laughter, we have witnessed tears but most importantly, we have witnessed resilience.

As we reach this half-way point, now is the time that they can pause briefly, plan productive revision time over the half-term break and most importantly take time away from study to be with family and friends for fun and relaxation in the (hopefully) Newcastle sunshine.  We look forward to welcoming our students back refreshed and ready for the final challenge of the remaining GCSE examinations on Monday 6 June.

In addition to saying a big ‘well done so far’ and ‘keep going’, we also wanted to remind you of information and key dates detailed below. 


School and Examination Arrangements After the Half-Term Break

You will have already been emailed an electronic copy of our ‘overview of support throughout the examination period’ booklet, and our students have a planner sized paper copy of this.  The link below takes you to our website where you can download a copy:

As you will see in the document, it is compulsory for our Year 11 students to attend school full time until the bulk of the main examinations are complete.  From Wednesday 15 June, students attend school for examinations and exam warm ups only.  Where detailed, the exam warm ups are compulsory for students to attend.  Please remember, students must remain in full school uniform up to and including their final examination on Thursday 23 June.


Examination Contingency Day:  Wednesday 29 June 2022

Students must also be available on the GCSE Examination Contingency day on Wednesday 29 June to sit an exam should the examination board have need to rearrange an examination due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance (such as an examination paper being leaked online).  We will inform you in advance during the examination period should this need to take place.


Return of Revision Guides

We very much hope that your child has found the revision guides that we gave out in Year 10 useful as part of their revision process.  If your child’s revision guides are in a reusable condition once the examinations are over and you have no use for them as a family anymore, we would very much appreciate them being returned to us so that we can use them with other students in school.  They can be returned to Student Reception at any time once the examinations are over.  You may, of course, wish to donate them to one of our local charity shops too.


GCSE Results Day:  Thursday 25 August 2022

9:30am – 10:30am

Year 11 students collect their GCSE results (School Assembly Hall)

If your child is unable to collect their results in person and wants someone else to do it on their behalf, they must put this request in writing before the end of term.  The designated person will need to show some photo ID when they collect the results.  Alternatively, we will post the results out to your home address.  We look forward to seeing all of our Year 11 students again on this day and celebrating with them their excellent GCSE results. 

Key members of staff, our Year 11 team and our Sixth Form team will be available to our Year 11 students on GCSE results day should they need any further information, advice or guidance regarding enrolment to Jesmond Park Academy Sixth Form or their other chosen destination.


Progression Beyond Year 11

We are tracking the progression plans for all of our Year 11 students after Year 11.  Most of our students intend on remaining with us at Jesmond Park Academy Sixth Form.  Other students have alternative plans, such as securing an apprenticeship or enrolling in one of our local Further Education Colleges.  If your child remains unsure of what they intend to do after Year 11 and you would like further information or support, please contact or Careers Manager, Mrs Jacqui Strong">


Year 11 Leavers’ Arrangements

Whilst we are in the middle of our examinations, and are very much keeping it ‘business as usual’, with our Year 11, we do have our leaving events planned.  We are having our farewell assembly and leaving speeches for our Year 11 students after the Physics Paper 2 exam on Thursday 23 June.  This is the very last examination for our Year 11 students.  We will ensure that our students will have the opportunity for their ‘rites of passage’ shirt signing on that day too.


Year 11 Prom:  24 June 2022

Mr Mason has organised our Year 11 Prom, which is due to take place on Friday 24 June in the Great Hall of the Discovery Museum.  If your child has been invited to attend the Prom they will have received the invite letter from him with all of the necessary details and information, including cost and deadline for payment.  Mr Mason has also written to all Year 11 students with details of how to order the Leavers’ hoodie.  Again, the letter details cost and deadlines for payment.

We remain fully committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of all of our Year 11 students in the lead up to, and for the duration of the examinations.  As always, if you have any concerns or queries regarding your child please contact our Year 11 Team who know our students best.

If you have any further questions or require any more information, please contact school by telephone on 0191 281 8486,  or email:"> and we will ensure that your query is directed to the most appropriate member of staff.


Yours faithfully

Mr S Campbell