Jesmond Park Academy Celebrates GCSE & Vocational Success

Date Published:
Thursday 12 August 2021

Our Year 11 Students at Jesmond Park Academy were celebrating today when they collected their GCSE results. It was a pleasure to see our Year 11 students again and wish them well. Like their Year 13 counterparts, they have overcome incredible obstacles during the last two years and again, despite the pressures and stresses of lockdown, they have shown true resilience and have performed incredibly well to achieve GCSE and vocational results that they truly deserve. We firmly believe that the process that our Year 11 students undertook to achieve their GCSE and Vocational grades were as rigorous, or even more so than the ‘normal’ examination process. We maintain our firm stance that our students achieved their results through absolute merit. We are incredibly proud of them.

The results achieved by our students this year are evidence that effort really pays off, our staff and students have continued to work harder than ever. The grades achieved continue to show our upward trajectory of year on year improvement on our results, reflecting our ongoing rapidly improving journey as a school. We are very proud that:

  • 67.4% of students achieved a standard pass (new grade 4+) in English and Maths
  • 48.5% of students achieved a strong pass (new grade 5+) in English and Maths
  • 31.6% of students achieved the EBacc standard pass
  • 2 students achieved all grade 9’s with 20 students with an average grade of 8 or above.
  • 22.9% of students achieved 9-5 (strong pass) in all their subjects
  • Vocational Awards pass rate is 100% with 2.2% achieving a Distinction Star Award ,  7% achieved an Distinction Award and 35% achieved a Merit Award, Pass Award = 45.28%

We remain incredibly proud of the many individual outstanding academic and personal achievements amongst our Year 11 students this year at all levels whether this is outstanding attainment or outstanding progress from their KS2 starting points.

We are delighted that we are not saying goodbye to the vast majority of our Year 11 students as they have chosen to remain at Jesmond Park Academy to continue their studies with us at our highly successful Sixth Form.

For those Year 11 students who are not continuing their studies with us and are moving on to other post 16 colleges, employment or training we would like to wish a final ‘Well done’, ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Goodbye’.