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Ethos & Values

Our Vision

We, the staff and trustees, aspire to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity, support and encouragement to achieve the best in their Academy life and to succeed, irrespective of ability.

Ethos and Values: Create Your Future

‘Create your future’ encapsulates our purpose as an Academy: to educate, support and nurture all of our students so they can achieve their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

We are a dynamic and diverse Academy – this means we have a clear energy and purpose and all students are valued equally, regardless of their background or ability.  We pride ourselves on our comprehensive intake and our inclusive approach.

Our principal aim is to encourage high expectations and high standards of achievement, both academic and personal.  Our values embrace honesty, trust, reliability, creativity, respect for the legitimate rights of others, care for the weaker members of society, regard for the environment and a kindness towards other people.

We believe that a calm, friendly, disciplined atmosphere, in which hard work and co-operation are respected, is the best way to promote these values.
Key Features of Our Academy:

• Comprehensive ethos
• Academic achievement
• Extra curricular opportunities
• Discipline and rewards: PRAISE Code
• Pastoral care and individual support

Jesmond Park Academy Ethos and Values