Year 11 - Final Week of Exams Arrangements

As we approach our final week of examinations, we thought that it would be helpful to simplify the information that we have already sent to you about when your child should be in school next week. You can see from the simplified overview overleaf that the final Period 7 exam warm up takes place after school on Monday 10th June, and your child will remain in school full time until lunchtime on Tuesday 11th June.

Students will be dismissed at 12:20pm on that day. From then on, the times in which your child is in school will depend on whether they are in the S Band or L/N Band, and whether or not your child studies Geography.

The final examination takes place on Friday 14th June and is Further Maths Paper 2.

Week beginning Monday 17th June
During this week, we have in place our final BTEC vocational intervention and our Sixth Form Taster sessions. If the BTEC intervention applies to your child, we will contact you directly. We will write to you next week with your child’s personal timetable of Sixth Form Taster sessions.

Week beginning Monday 24th June - during this week, we have the following:

We have written to you separately with details of these events.

Examination Contingency Day - Wednesday 26th June
The examination board have put this day aside in case there is an emergency or unforeseen circumstance (such as an exam paper being leaked online), where they have to rearrange a particular examination for that day. At the time of writing, this day is not currently required. We will contact you straight away if this situation changes.

All other information that you would require at this stage, such as the final leavers’ arrangements and the procedures for GCSE results day in August, remain on our website. If you have any further questions or require any more information about the final week of examinations, please contact school by telephone: 0191 281 8486 or email:

We would like to wish your child best wishes in their final preparation for the last week of examinations and, as we always say, we hope they their revision time wisely and productively, and also finds the correct balance of rest and relaxation.

Yours sincerely

Mr N Holmes

Director of Student Progress


Mr D Merrifield

Director of KS4


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