Information for Year 11 students Easter – July 2020

This information is specifically for our Year 11 students and their Parents/Carers. We hope you are all well in what is a particularly tough experience for you all. As you will read further down there are a number of contact details for you to remain in touch with us over the next few months. You remain very much part of our school community and we are always here for information, advice and guidance. As we said in our Leavers’ assembly it is important that we support you with the ‘practicalities’ so please read on for areas of further support and guidance.


Even though you will not be sitting GCSE exams this summer, it is important that we support you being Sixth Form or College ready for September.

You will find on the link below more formal ‘bridging work’ for studies beyond Year 11. This will continue to be updated throughout the summer term. You may also find bridging work on the relevant college/institution website if you are not remaining with us for Sixth Form. We would suggest that you prioritise subjects that you are proposing to continue studying at Sixth Form or College. You should maintain particular focus upon your English and Maths as these subjects would be required whatever you are doing in September. Some ideas could be:


We have an excel spreadsheet of all of your preferred intended destinations for September. Whether it is our Sixth Form or College or Apprenticeship we will fully support you with this.

Jesmond Park Academy Sixth Form

As always, we hope that our Year 11 students choose to remain at Jesmond Park Academy to continue their A Level and/or Btec studies. You may or may not have already informed us that you intend to stay with us for Sixth Form. You may also have given an indication of preferred subjects. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind. We will publish further enrolment and support information and how you make your subject choices after Easter and throughout the summer term. Do not worry - this will all be very straight forward as we know you, what you are capable of and how best to support you. We very much look forward to seeing you in September if not before.

If you are planning to study Biology, Maths, Chemistry or Physics, CGP have released free to download versions of their ‘Head start to A-level’ guides

Other destinations such as College or an Apprenticeship

You may already have this in hand or you may need support with this. There are a number of destinations beyond our own Sixth Form. You will find enrolment information, advice and support on the appropriate institution’s website. This is the information that we have received from Newcastle College for example:

We want to confirm that students who have been offered a place at Newcastle College do not need to worry. Their place is safe and we are still very much looking forward to welcoming them onto campus in the new academic year.   

New applications

Please also let your students know that they can still prepare for their next step and if they haven’t already made an application for college, they still can!

They can do this on our website at where they can also find out about the courses on offer, the financial support which might be available to them and more about life as a student with us.


The apprenticeship team are keen to get as many students prepared now so they are completing assessments and first stage interviews remotely to get the students ready so when vacancies do come up they can get them selected for interview.  The advice is any students looking for an apprenticeship please ask them to complete the form below know and the team will contact them direct for the support they need.

We do understand that many students will have questions about courses and our Student Services team is still available to answer them. They can simply drop them an email at and one of the team will get back to them.

Gateshead College have also sent similar information to the above, their contact details are and

General advice and support

Whatever progression plan you have you have there are a large number of people who you can contact for information, advice and support. Please do not sit and home worrying about what you are going to do in September if you do not currently have a plan. We are here to help. The easiest way to contact is via email and these are listed below:

General advice and support beyond Year 11

Mr Holmes (Director of Student Progress)

Mrs Strong (Careers Manager)

Mrs Taylor (Consultant Careers Leader)

Mr Mason (Head of Year 11)

Mrs Clark (Associate Head of Year 11)

Mrs Hearons (Year Manager)


Jesmond Park Academy Sixth Form

Mr Costello (Director of Sixth Form)

Mrs Routledge (Senior Sixth Form Tutor)


Connexions (Careers) advice

Sarah Beely (Connexions advisor)

Matt Ellaway (Connexions advisor)


General Apprenticeships advice

ASK Apprenticeships

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of the above if you need any advice or support regarding your progression beyond Year 11.

Mr Holmes (Director of Student Progress)

Mr Faraday (Director of Teaching and Learning)

Mr Costello (Director of Sixth Form)

Mr Merrifield (Director of KS4)


Contact Details

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