Digital Safety During COVID-19

Safeguarding from Harmful Influences Online


What steps can I take to keep my child safe online?

-        The UK Safer Internet Centre provides guidance on how to do this.

-        Internet Matters has also provided step by step guides on how to setup parental controls.


What are the signs that my child may be being exploited online?

-        Exploring new and unusual websites, chat forums and platforms. Harmful influences may push individuals towards platforms with a greater degree of anonymity.

-        Joining new or secret groups since isolation.

-        Speaking with new friends or being secretive about chats during online gaming or in forums.

-        A strong desire to seek new meaning, identity and purpose.

-        Using language you wouldn’t expect them to know.

-        Watching, sharing or creating films online linked to religious, political or racial hate.

-        Becoming increasingly argumentative or refusing to listen to different points of view.


Should I be concerned that a loved one is being exploited online?

-        Listen carefully to their fears and worries. Find some helpful tips here.

-        Avoid explanations that could be interpreted as antagonistic, belittling or frightening.

-        Advice and support is available to help them understand COVID-19.

-        If they are finding it hard to cope with bereavement and grief - advice can be found here.


What help is available if my child is being exploited online?


How can I access support and advice for a loved one being radicalised?


I have seen concerning hateful content online that could cause harm. What should I do?


Further resources

There are resources available to help you understand and protect your child from different harms online.


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