Interested in Cyber Security?

Consider joining Cyber Discovery, the virtual cyber school, or see if you can protect Cyberland from cyber attack with these online games.

Cyber Discovery

Students can enrol in this Virtual Cyber School, in partnership with HM Government, where you will gain access to CyberStart Game until 31st August 2020 - an interactive learning platform played and loved by over 200k students worldwide.

With your free CyberStart Game licence, you’ll be able to explore and have a go at over 200 online cyber security challenges. Learn how to crack codes, find security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails whilst playing as a cyber agent in our Cyber Protection Agency. You will learn the essential concepts and ideas cyber agents apply when dealing with the aftermath of real cyber attacks.


Or try out these online interactive exercises, which are designed around the concept of protecting the fictional CyberLand from a cyber-attack, and are now free to access until the end of September 2020.

Protect CyberLand from Cyber Attack




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