Philosophy Statement - Science

Science, and its study, is the fabric of what makes us human. It’s empowering and enriching; It allows us to observe the furthest reaches of space; enables us a medium for this very document and gives us the ability to hypothesise the origin of our existence.

The Science faculty at Heaton Manor are unashamedly passionate about all scientific matters and believe that this is evident in our day to day delivery of scientific content. We believe that science develops a set of specific skills that allow students to make informed decisions that help not only themselves to fulfil their own potential but also help those around them. We have very high standards and ask the same of our students, the more you put in, the more you get out.

We see the importance of Science everywhere: From the phone in your hand to the food that you eat. We strive to develop the essential scientific knowledge and understanding alongside the development of key skills, including those of numeracy, literacy and oracy, that enable our students to make up their own minds. The required practicals at GCSE and A-Level ensure that students develop transferable skills that allow them to go on and thrive in different sectors.

We do not see the sciences as distinct subjects to be mastered in isolation. We believe that it is important to link science with other subjects. For example, with PE in the development of exercise plans and to assess the impact of exercise on the human body. In the development of materials used in technology which helps to explain how it is possible to have a phone today that is more powerful than the technology that took the first astronauts to the moon. We believe that the collective mastery of these subjects allows for the development of a well-rounded student who can work independently, approach new challenges with curiosity, is committed to developing knowledge and, at all times, maintains the highest standards of self-discipline.

Science at Heaton Manor develops the knowledge and skills that allow students to create a hypothesis, test their theories and come to conclusions by themselves. We see the parallels with these scientific skills in everything; be it deciding on the next car to purchase to evaluating which medication is the most effective.  As Scientists we value the importance of research, which is used to back up our knowledge and understanding. Our science staff have a plethora of experience and they value the importance of evidence based-research to inform what they do and why they do it.

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