Philosophy Statement - Personal Development

Personal Development (Pd) is a unique curriculum area offered by our school in key stage four. It is unique as it does not have the pressure or constraints of a national syllabus. Instead it is part of the curriculum that can respond to the emerging needs of our students and also ensures the delivery of important topics, irrespective of the option subjects a student has chosen. Pd is a blended curriculum which includes Careers (CEI), Citizenship (Cz), Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHE), Study Skills and Religious Education (RE).

The purpose of Pd is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals who are equipped for the next stage in their development. To this endeavour we promote the philosophies of Citizenship, PSHE and RE but also help support students through the GCSE examination years and onto their future careers. The Pd curriculum fosters the development of core transferable skills such as verbal and written communication, personal motivation, self-discovery, organisation and time management and team work.

Our aim is to provide students with an opportunity to investigate, study and comprehend key topics and seek advice without the pressures of an examination course. This enables us to run a fluid curriculum that has at its heart the needs of the student and the desire to provide an education that is broad, rich and deep. Central to Pd is the desire to encourage students to ask questions, develop their own answers and transition successfully onto their chosen career path.

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