Philosophy Statement - PE

We are committed to broadening the sporting horizons of our students and developing individual talents to their highest level, whilst developing a lifelong love of exercise and sport. 

Our curriculum consists of three clear aims, the first of which is to develop knowledge of key skills and concepts that underpin sporting performance.  From this understanding of each sport, and a recognition of where individual strengths lie, students can make informed choices about which activities they wish to pursue beyond school.  In doing so, our learners will be in a better position to lead an active lifestyle that will aid their health. 

A second aim of the department is to instil in our students a sound knowledge of the importance of fitness and exercise and how this contributes towards health.  A thorough understanding of health will enable students to understand the mental and social benefits of exercise, as well as the physical ones.  Our curriculum will provide students with knowledge of physical training and the benefits to be gained from an active lifestyle.

Lastly, physical education provides a great platform to equip our learners with a range of personal attributes, which include but are not limited to: teamwork, respect, discipline and decision making.  Furthermore it teaches students how to cope with success and failure.  A knowledge and understanding of these attributes is vital in all areas of life. They will provide our students with the skill set to be successful in the future, whatever passion they choose to pursue.

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