Philosophy Statement - ICT & Business

We teach students Computing and Business based subjects because we understand the value of these subjects in today’s society. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developing needs of our school and we acknowledge our students are digital natives.

Computing, IT and Business require the learning of theories and models, as well as the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practical activities such as coding or discussing theory in the context of a real business or the economy. The teachers in the faculty are passionate about, and proud of their subjects, and enjoy sharing their expertise with students.

As subjects are ever-changing and we are committed to our own learning, keeping up to date with developments in our subject areas. We hope to inspire girls in Computing to continue to address the gender gap in the industry, with women holding less than a quarter of the positions in Core STEM industries in the UK.

We feel it is important for all students to learn IT/Computing because of its bearing on online safety, cyber crime and future employability. Likewise, we value an education in enterprise to prepare our students for life after school, including knowledge of personal finance and the economy.

Computing and Business based subjects require students to look at things from a global perspective, developing an understanding of, and curiosity in further horizons. In all lessons we provide opportunities to improve literacy skills and increase confidence in oracy through discussion. Numeracy skills are fundamental to understanding of business finance and computing and we dedicate time to developing this knowledge.

Our curriculum is designed to serve our students and we recognise that the North East is home to the UK’s fastest growing tech cluster outside of London and has the highest proportion of students studying STEM subjects in the UK. We hope to prepare our students to join this growing industry.

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