Philosophy Statement - English

English allows students to explore profound ideas about humanity and the world we live in. It empowers students to understand and reflect upon experiences beyond their own, promoting values of tolerance and empathy.  

English is recognised as a core subject because the knowledge and skills delivered underpin and complement learning across the curriculum. English encompasses the study of culturally-enriching literature as well as the writer’s craft in a broad range of texts, and students develop their knowledge of historical, social and literary contexts alongside linguistic techniques and conventions. English lessons allow students to put this knowledge into practice. 

Although the purpose of our curriculum is not narrowly defined by assessment, we understand that students will achieve at the highest standard if the acquisition and retention of subject knowledge is secure. Our curriculum reflects the importance of this subject-specific knowledge and our students can expect to study the approaches taken by the most accomplished writers of literary and non-literary texts. We explore writing within and beyond the literary canon, respecting the importance of our cultural heritage whilst acknowledging that language, in its many forms, is always changing. 

We believe that it is the breadth of our English curriculum that enables students to become literate and critical in their approach to language. English is a subject where analysis, reflection and creativity are essential, and these skills are valued greatly in further education and employment. Furthermore, English develops the ability to argue coherently and cogently, analyse language in a critical way and explore its nuances and implications. 

It is the passion and expertise of our teachers that can create a love for English and an appreciation of its value. We appreciate that we must constantly evaluate our own teaching so that it is responsive to the needs of our students as well as to valid educational research undertaken within, and beyond, our school.  

A curriculum philosophy should inform every aspect of teaching and learning. We aim to ensure that our philosophy is apparent in the climate we create within the faculty. We are committed to delivering an English curriculum that inspires and empowers every student. 

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