HM Curriculum Project

November 2018

We have been working hard and the steps we have taken are summarised below.

The first step was to select a team of knowledgeable, highly qualified staff from across a range of Departments, who had experience in developing the curriculum.

The team:

The team have met three times, each time with the purpose of researching, questioning and refining our thinking about curriculum. In our first meeting we considered the two Big Questions:-

  1. Why should we have an underpinning philosophy?
  2. What is our current philosophy and how should we develop it?

We then narrowed down our focus to look at the key questions that would allow us to structure our Philosophy more coherently.

  1. Why do we have the children in the building and what do we want them to leave the building with?
  2. Who do we serve? children, community, parents, society in general
  3. What evidence do we need to build all our ideas on? Is there a hierarchy of research?
  4. What do we value pupils learning? Is it knowledge, skills, both? Why?
  5. What are the drivers (the key factors that will inform our philosophy?)

Each member of the team then focussed their research on an educational book that allowed them to think more deeply about the key questions and ensure any decisions we made were firmly based in research evidence. Two of the books flew with their owners to Majorca over half term but all returned for our second meeting with a summary of their findings. During this meeting all the information was shared and distilled down to fifteen key themes which would form the basis of our philosophy. The chair and then the vice chair of the group fashioned several drafts which were shared with the team at meeting three. Final amendments and additions were made. Draft seven was then sent to the Senior Leadership team for evaluation. After the alteration of only two words the Philosophy was agreed and shared with all staff.

The philosophy is now in the hands of all the departments who are fashioning their departmental philosophies underpinned by our whole school philosophy.

So after:

We are delighted and proud to share the 442 words that makes up our whole school curriculum philosophy, in the knowledge every word matters and is based firmly in evidence.

To summarise the key elements of our curriculum, they are:

Knowledge – acquisition of knowledge through expert teacher delivery so that students have a detailed understanding of the world around them.

Learning – development of core skills as well as improved Literacy, Oracy and Numeracy so that students are able to secure outstanding outcomes.

Adventure – cultural, moral and social enrichment so that students leave school as well rounded and thoughtful young adults.

However, the work doesn’t stop there. The team are now looking at the make-up of our whole school curriculum content. More updates will follow soon. 

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