HM Curriculum Project

February 2019

Over the last few months the Curriculum Group have been working on a whole school approach to the content of our curriculum. The first thing we needed to consider was the question, “Why do we need a whole school content statement?”

Our initial research showed it is important for the following reasons:

 We then narrowed our research down to consider the following, more detailed, questions:

  1. Why do we teach discrete subjects?
  2. Should we teach the subjects we teach?
  3. How important is learning facts and developing knowledge?
  4. How important is planning for memory and recall?
  5. Should there be content and themes which are cross curricular or non-curricular?
  6. How far do we want to unify our approach to curriculum content?
  7. What should be the balance between the breadth and depth of curriculum content?
  8. What should be our approach to, and reasons for, the sequence and order of curriculum content?

The curriculum Group then spent 3 weeks conducting detailed research from a selection of books,  some of the titles are shown below:


The research that they produced was broken down and prioritised. It eventually culminated in the production of our whole school approach to curriculum content. A full version is provided on this page but our whole school approach to curriculum content can best be described as:

The next stage is for departments and faculties to outline their curriculum content, this work is due to be completed by mid-march.

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