HM Curriculum Project

April 2019

Since the last update in February all departments and faculties have completed their departmental approach to curriculum content that puts the following whole school summary into a subject based content

We then asked the faculties to discuss the topics that they were planning to teach in each year group and their order. They considered the following questions

  1. What additional knowledge and topics/ books/ concepts could we teach to make our curriculum stronger?
  2. How could we change the sequence that we teach topics so it makes more sense?
  3. What knowledge, that we currently teach, doesn't have the relevance that it needs? e.g what should we not teach?
  4. Which key knowledge do we need to revisit each year in our spiral curriculum?

They are currently developing their plans and creating ‘topic tables’ that provide a clear over view of each topic and, most importantly a clear rationale for the choices made. A draft biology example for cells is shown below:

Curriculum Updated April 

The departments are then going to produce table to show the sequence each module is taught across the year to show how the curriculum spirals round.

PE have already produced their first example:

Curriculum Update 2 April

The curriculum group are now researching the pedagogy that will underpin the delivery of our curriculum. This will be completed by the middle of May.

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