Assessment Criteria - Year 7 PE

KS3 Grade

Practical Performance 

Analysis of Performance 

Knowledge & Understanding 


Projected KS4 Grades


I demonstrate a variety of skills and techniques with timing, accuracy and control. I am actively involved within all aspects of the activity and I am willing and capable of taking control in competitive situations.

I can effectively analyse performance using technical terminology associated with the activity to examine strengths and areas of improvement. I can also compare and contrast my own and others performance making adjustments where necessary.

I am confident in officiating in a variety of activity areas applying the correct rules. I am able to identify and describe a number of physiological changes to the body during exercise; explaining some of the reasons why people take part in sport/exercise; explaining using sporting examples the importance of a number of fitness components.

I show determination when participating in activities and stay focused on tasks. I want to achieve/succeed and want to know how to improve.



I can select and apply a variety of techniques and skills in competitive situations to enable me to gain an advantage over the opponent. I show precision and fluency when performing in a variety of contexts (isolated, competitive, practice).

l make detailed observations and can analyse performance effectively using specific sporting examples to explain strengths and areas of improvement.

I demonstrate a clear understanding of the rules and regulations and can apply them in competition. I can apply my knowledge and understanding of an activity when answering higher order thinking questions. I understand the physiological changes occurring to the body during exercise.

I take a proactive role during activities and often have my hand up to answer questions. I join in with activities and I am willing to persevere when taking part in various sports.



I have begun to apply basic techniques in competitive situations and can sometimes outwit an opponent. I prefer to allow others to take control but when prompted, I can apply effective activity specific movement.

I make sound observations of a performance and I am able to analyse simple, but not technical, aspects of techniques, movements, tactics or strategies.

I demonstrate a sound knowledge of rules and regulations but may struggle on the more complex rules and/or regulations of a specific activity. I have an understanding of the basic terminology but struggle on the more technical aspects. I can explain the 3 phases of a warm-up and why these are important.

I am engaged within the activity and when prompted answer questions and get involved with peer discussions. I need to be highly encouraged to participate but I am willing to try when prompted.



I participate at a basic level demonstrating the fundamentals of movement (agility, balance, co-ordination) within activities. I am quite passive in games/competition and prefer to practice skills and techniques in isolated drills.

I can describe what is going on within a performance but show a limited understanding of how to explain the strengths and areas for improvement.

I demonstrate a basic understanding of the rules and how these are applied but I am happy to let others take control. I can identify some of the skills and techniques needed within the activity but often struggle to explain how these are applied. I can sometimes identify and briefly explain the 3 phases of a warm-up.

I am beginning to show some effort towards participation in a variety of sports and actively become involved when working in small groups.



I have started to develop basic skills (speed, agility, co-ordination, timing) that can have a positive impact within a variety of activities. I struggle to transfer the skills learnt from practices and put them into games.

I can observe a performance but struggle to identify what is good and what needs to be improved. I can sometimes reflect on my own performance making adjustments.

I am beginning to develop my knowledge and understanding of different sports that allows me to answer questions using simplistic terminology e.g. faster, longer, move.

I can listen to others and follow basic rules and expectations. I often need motivating to encourage me to engage within activities.



I struggle with my basic motor skills which hinders my participation in activities and games.  I find the most basic movements difficult.

I struggle to make any analysis of performance or even describe it at a basic level. 

I have little or no knowledge of different sports.  I struggle to answer simple questions.
I cannot grasp the basic rules of games or activities.

I often struggle to listen to basic instructions.  I lack motivation and do not put enough effort into participating in lessons.










Each KS3 level can be subdivided into:-

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